Speed Cut Abrasive 20" Saw


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  • Speed Cut Abrasive 1
Speed Cut Abrasive 21 Speed Cut Abrasive 32 Speed Cut Abrasive 13
Speed Cut Abrasive 20" Saw for Metals
Made in USA by Toledo Tools
Model 100 20-HB
Machine is fully safety guarded, but buyer agrees to keep it in order with safety codes
Shipping dimensions 58" high, 56" front to back, 29.5" left to right
Estimated weight 650 lbs
7.5 HP motor
Bearings roll fine, but they're noisy. That's about typical with these saws, in my experience.
There is no blade included. For safety, I always recommend starting out with a brand new one.
Drive belts are brand new!
Foot-operated clamping using V-blocks and chains that go over workpiece
Trade-ins or swaps are okay to offer against this item
Presently on 230 volt 3-phase power
FOB Bentley, Louisiana
Loading free of charge
Selling used, as-is, loaded onto buyer's truck during normal business hours