Shizuoka Mill, model VHR-G


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Shizuoka Mill, model VHR-G
(I don't have the horizontal outboard support, but I think I can get one that would adapt very well)
5 HP on horizontal portion motor
2.5 hp on vertical motor
Shipping size : 86" tall (no pallet included) 68" wide, 64" front to back
FREE loading onto flatbed truck (no sides or rails) (Other trucks check with me first)
Can be seen under power, at our warehouse. Selling as-is
I cannot remember if it is presently on 220 or 440 volt 3 phase power
48 hours notice needed before pickup
11 x 51 table
1/2" tee slots
Ways look good
Someone milled into the table top in the middle, but it doesn't really mess the machine up functionally.
40 taper
Power rapids
5"+ of quill travel on vertical head
90 to 1400 rpm on horizontal spindle
2300 rpm on vertical spindle
Machine is clean, oiled up, and stored out of weather