Pond 80" Vertical Boring Mill


  • Pond VBM F
  • Pond VBM M
  • Pond VBM N
  • Pond VBM R
  • Pond VBM A
  • Pond VBM C
  • Pond VBM E
Pond VBM F1 Pond VBM M2 Pond VBM N3 Pond VBM R4 Pond VBM A5 Pond VBM C6 Pond VBM E7
Pond 80" Vertical Boring Mill
Two Swiveling heads on Rail
We acquired it already dismantled
Best determination is under rail can accept 48 to 52 inches
5 speed transmission with 30 HP drive motor
No charts telling its maximum rpm or feeds have been found. Old machinist that knew the
machine said it ran fine. They must have operated it by skill and judgement of cuts.
480 volt 30 hp 3 phase
Made in USA
Table is 80", and by measuring, it should swing up to about 90" max
FOB Bentley, LA
FREE loading onto flatbed truck, 72 hours notice needed to be ready for buyer's truck
Selling used, as-is, and can be seen during normal business hours at our warehouse
Not culpable in cases of delays by shipping companies, weather, or other outside circumstances
Shipping size of the three major pieces is:
*Column portion 7 ft front to back, 9' 4" high, 14' 6" long
*Table portion 80" diameter and 68" high
*Base portion 15'6" long, 79" high, and 111 inches wide
Delivering trucker told me the whole item, loaded out, is around 37,000 lbs
Take a look around.