Piranha SEP120 120 ton Single End Punch


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Piranha SEP120 120 ton Single End Punch
Made in USA
Serial number not found
120 tons punching force
4100 lbs shipping weight
21.5" throat depth
Will punch 5" holes in 1/4" thick mild steel plate, 1.5" hole in 1" thick
Can accept a bending attachment, not included
2" stroke
230/460 volt 3 phase power source, 7.5 HP motor
Shipping size (2 pieces) Punch portion: 72" high, 31" wide, 56" long Pump portion 40H, 40L, and 36W
FOB Bentley, Louisiana (venue of all dealings on this machine)
Not culpable in cases of delays from shipping companies
48 hours needed to have machine ready to load onto buyer's truck
Flatbed shipping only, no sides, rails, or fenders--loading is FREE of charge!
Selling used, as-is, and can be seen at our warehouse in Bentley, LA
Swaps and trades of good equipment or items always considered