New Haven Planer Milling Machine fitted with Bridgeport Head


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New Haven Planer Milling Machine fitted with Bridgeport Head
Made in USA
Serial number of head is J23992
Estimated weight 4000 lb (judging by the way a 6,000 lb forklift handles it)
Shipping size 66" wide, 73" high, 128" long
220/440 3 phase motors
1 HP on head, and has two 3/4 hp drive motors in gear reduction units
FOB Bentley, Louisiana
Loading FREE on flatbed trailers with no sides, fenders, or rails
Selling used, as-is, and can be seen during normal business hours
48 hours needed to have item ready to load on buyer's truck
Will look at trades and swaps
As hooked up, item is fully guarded. If someone wants to hook up the second drive, it will need a guard, and that will be buyer's responsibility
7/8" T-slots on table and is equipped with 3/4 peg holes for workholding as well
Table is 22.5" wide, and 97 1/2" long
5" quill travel on the Bridgeport head
27" between upright housings
Max under the rail is about 26" (a little less under milling spindle)
A clean machine, and gears in drive look good
Seems to have 8 feet of travel approximately
R8 spindle in Bridgeport head