Large Heavy Work Cart


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Made for the Navy by a company up in Tennessee.
It had a data plate, but it got destroyed by the company we had relocate it.
9 ft wide, and 17 ft long and 24" working height
It has carried 30,000 lb natural gas engines on a concrete floor.
If you use that kind of weight on it, distribute it evenly.
Frame 6 inch channel iron throughout
I'd say it weighs more than 4,000 lbs, but not 5,000. This is an estimate.
FOB Bentley, Louisiana
24 hour notice needed to be ready to load onto truck
Loading is FREE on trucks that have no sides, and are simple flatbeds without rails
Sells used, as-is
Will consider trades and swaps
Front axle pivots to steer the wagon.
Tongue is about 32" long, and has a 2 1/2" diameter hole in the towing eye or ring
14" diameter solid-tired wheels, like found on an indoor forklift or such
Steering is lockable with pins, to simplify backing the cart straight back
Has four tie-down lugs or pad eyes, that have 1 1/4" holes to tie down carg
Shipping size is 9 ft wide, 18 ft long (with tongue folded up) and 24" high
Lubrication points for lubing with a grease gun