Chicago D&K Power Leaf Brake


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Chicago D&K Power Leaf Brake
Model 228
1/2 inch by 12 foot capacity (12' 1" width)
Passes workpieces through it the equivalent of a press brake with 12' between housings.
Can do the work of a press brake in the range of 400 tons
Still supported by manufacturer
Taken from service last year
Serial number 58421 made in 1945 (Their motto "We build 'em like they had to last forever")
30,000 lbs weight according to manufacturer. I think maybe even more
Shipping size 98" tall 17' 4" long, 7' wide (Very heavy toward side that has the apron)
440 3 phase, 20 Horsepower Motor
FOB Bentley, Louisiana USA
72 hours notice needed for loading preparation
We always look at trade-ins and swapping
Selling used, as-is, and available for inspection during normal business hours
These are still made, and I'm told new replacement would be in neighborhood of 150,000 dollars +
Has hydraulic clamping
Counterweights & power racks removed for shipping and moving (shown on pallet in photos)
Gears in drive system look good
If someone qualified wanted to, a fully hydraulic conversion looks possible
Bends back to about 115 degrees, it looks to me, for sharper bending than most any press brake