Bertsch 1/2 by 10 ft Initial Pinch Plate Roll


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Bertsch 1/2 by 10 ft Initial Pinch Plate Roll made in USA
Controls and electrical updated in 2008 by Bertsch
Model 11, serial 7869 (1950's)
20 HP main motor
Weight estimated between 32,000 and 35,000 lbs
Shipping size of machine itself is 20'7" long, 7' 6" wide, and 82" tall without any 4x4 or timbers under it
Also includes a hydraulic unit for drop-end not pictured
3 phase 440 volt
Brake added to motor for safety in the update done to machine
Drop end has been updated and converted to hydraulic operation
12.5" diameter rolls
10 ft 2 inch total roll width
Wedge motors 1 HP
Gearing on the machine looks very nice
Rolls are not scored or gouged, or abused
Full set of guards are included with machine, they're just not installed in photos
Bushings look good throughout
Can load onto flatbed truck FREE! :-)
Will look at trade-ins and swaps
72 hours or more needed in advance of truck to prepare and have a big forklift here to load
10 HP motor powering up and down the rear roll