KoneCranes 20 ton Electric Bridge Crane Hoist  


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KoneCranes 20 ton Electric Bridge Crane Hoist on Travel Frame
Model XL416N40GDC420B0EM
Serial Number 297377
2000 year model
Shipping size (without pallet shown, which we may have to remove) 127" long, 40" high and 87" wide
460 volt 3 phase, 60 cycle operation
25 HP motor
DC motors on truck trolley wheels
26ft under hook
16/2.6 FPM hoist speed
80/20 FPM Traveling speed
Sheetmetal cover for cable spool not shown
Buyer agrees to have re-certified or properly inspected before use
Loading onto a flatbed truck with no sides, rails, fenders, or obstructions is FREE! :-)